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Author: Kylie   Date Posted:27 April 2018 

In the spirit of the fabulous @Fash_Rev_ausnz #whomademyclothes movement, I wanted to ask the same question about who makes your hardware? Our choices ripple around the world and our ability to make informed decisions is more important now than ever. Today I’d like to share the story about who is behind our hardware. You won’t find the name of our manufacturer, as that’s so deeply proprietary, but you will learn more about who they are and how they operate.

Years of research and consideration went into sourcing our products, it’s always been about quality, about care, about a deep love for things that last. It became clear early on that there was no interest from Australian Foundries to manufacture small batch hardware so we began interviewing international providers early 2011. China, Taiwan and India are the primary countries that manufacture bag hardware and there are literally 100’s of companies! The rationale though was clear, Betty Box Pleat (then Handbag Hardware Australia) was about providing quality hardware with love and care. I wanted our products to be upcycle worthy, to be future vintage and to not be part of the churn. The supplier needed to be passionate and ethical. To care deeply about their product but also about their people and our planet.

After expending a massive amount of time and way too much money testing and checking and investigating alternate suppliers a needle was found in this huge haystack! A gorgeous little Chinese company with a CEO that shared my excitement for quality, people and planet. Our manufacturer has only 48 staff, they close on every holiday and always for a few extra days either side to give staff extra time to travel. They close an extra 3 times each year to give the factory a complete maintenance overhaul, as it costs you less in the long run to look after your things! (Love this attitude!) They are among the smallest manufacturers in the industry and have been going for over 20 years and have seen the deterioration of quality and the amalgamation of many of their competitors into multi-faced giants that run 24/7/365. Their products have been copied time and again by these companies that react rather than invent. I suppose this is what happens when you’re good at your job.  They proudly have the lowest turnover of staff and customers in the business and I am part of this loyal clan, which is why they have over 95% of our business. They aren’t the cheapest, they aren’t the fastest, they don’t make everything under the sun but they are the best in business.

More than 6 years have passed since a very deliberate choice was made to work with this company. I won’t call it a fluke to have stumbled upon them, there was a lot of persistent work and research involved. I am so grateful to have stayed the course, to have found this cute little business to build the products for our cute little business tucked in amongst an industry that demands cheap and chuckable!

We’ve resisted the urge to buy anything and everything from anyone. Our choices matter. All of our products have been carefully and deliberately chosen, they are all loved.

Thank you for sharing in this gorgeous journey, we absolutely cherish every one of our customers and sincerely love being part of your beautiful creations. Here’s to a bright, shiny, bag filled future for us all.

With love,


Kylie and the team at Betty Box Pleat :) x

Who we are shines through in all we do.

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And that is why you are who you are

By: on 27 April 2018
If we take responsibility in our choices, it will turn out fir the good in the end.

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