Wallet Frames

Author: Kylie   Date Posted:25 May 2018 

OK!!! Today I'm really excited!! I know I get excited a lot but it's always for good reason!
TODAY!!!! My excitement is due to our 19cm (7.5") Wallet frames arriving and being put into store!!! YAY!!! I am so in love with these and especially the quality of the latch. This is just so very important as this style of frame has all its pressure on that one area! So naturally we've set about to reinforce it to make it as strong as possible!

The Details:

Width: 19cm / 7.5"

Glue Channel Width: 4mm

Side frame depth: 10mm

Flip closure

width: 12mm

depth: 16mm

Frame end: Boxed (closed in) 

This means there is a metal end on each end of the frame so it’s a fully finished all the way around = very good looking!


Want to know what to make with this frame, below are some patterns currently available:







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