The Hampton Handbag by Upstyle Design

Author: Kylie   Date Posted:14 June 2018 

Robin from Upstyle Design is famous for a straight edge frame pattern called the Modern Clutch which went global when featured on Martha Stewart in 2010!

This week saw Upstyle Design's latest pattern, The Hampton Handbag, released and she's a beauty. An intermediate pattern but with instructions clear enough that they would suit a confident beginner. I simply had to give it a try!!

I consider myself an old dog when it comes to frame bags.  With them having been the life blood of my custom business for over a decade, they’re something I can make with my eyes closed! However, this old dog just learnt some new tricks!! Thank you Robin for your fabulous design, all the parts fit together perfectly and it was lots of fun!

I hope you take a moment to have a closer look at the Hampton Handbag, she definitely needs to go on the list.

With love Kylie :) x

Extra info:

Hardware the Hampton Kit from us which features the gorgeous 8"/20cm Silver Purse frame with Chain Keepers, 12mm Swivel Snap Hook and 5 x purse feet.

Fabric – Really old and fragile (heat sensitive) faux leather and some stunning Maze and Vale Linen Fat quarter for the focus fabric.

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