Interfacing Comparison Chart

Author: Kylie   Date Posted:22 January 2018 

Finding interfacing in Australia can be one of the most challenging things as a bag maker, especially knowing what the equivalents are when making international patterns.

Interfacing is a slight obsession of mine and I can go on about it for days!!

To save you a few hours though I've popped it all in a handy reference chart. This will provide you with a way of navigating the common international terminology and have confidence that what you can buy here is going to work like it should.

Hope you enjoy, Kylie :) x

Pellon Interfacing

Now Legacy in Aust

Vilene Equivalent – Most common brand here

Other Alternative / Extra Details





Medium Weight

Shapeflex SF101 (Fusible)

L-SF101 Cotton Woven Fusible


Vilene G405

Vilene G700 (Medium Weight)

Bosal Fashion Fuse

Formfuse 1400

# Commercial version SF101 available in store – 100cm wide code: DHJ501




Non - Woven





Featherweight 911FF

 L-911FF Fusible Featherweight


Ultrasoft Iron-On (G405)


# Birch Light Weight Fusible Non-Woven


808 Craft Fuse

(809 = 808 but 100cm wide in the USA*)

L-808 Craft-Fuse

Pellon 931TD

Pellon S50 (sew in)

S320 is the closest readily available to 808


Bosal Shirt Fuse (slightly softer)

HTC Form Flex


Deco-Fuse Firm


L-809 Fuse-N-Shade™


S520 – (Closest to Deco-Fuse)

Decovil 1 Light


Bosal Dura Fuse  (sits somewhere between S520 and S320)





987F Fusible Fleece

L-987F Fusible Fleece

H630 Iron on Fleece (slightly lighter than 987F)


TP971f Thermolam Plus

L-TP971F Fusible Therm-o-lam Plus

H640 Iron on Fleece (slightly higher loft than TP971f)

AKA 272 Therm-o-lam in Europe

Structure / Stabiliser




# Peltex 70 (sew in)

L-70 Sew-N-Shape ™


Timtex - C&T Publishing

Bosal - Craf-Tex

LazyGirl - Stiff Stuff

# Peltex 71F (Fusible Single Side)

L-71F Fuse-N-Shape™ single sided Fusible

Decovil 1 (original)


# Peltex 72F (Fusible Double Side)

L-72F Fuse-N-Shape™ 2 sided Fusible


Fast2Fuse -C&T Publishing

Quick Conversion

turn sew in into fusible




L-805 Fuse-Under


Applifix; # HeatnBond

The Foamies




FF77 (sew In) and FF78 (fusible single sided)

Vilene – not a Legacy product

One of the originals - hard to find

By Annie’s

Really wide - 145cm

FF77 and FF78 both 4.25mm thick

(50cm wide)

Style Vil (Sew in 4.25mm thick)

(72cm Wide)

Bosal In-R-Form Plus (Fusible 2.75mm thick)

Soft and Stable (Sew In 3.25mm thick) 

(145cm Wide)





Available at Betty Box Pleat

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Interfacing chart

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