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Author: Kylie   Date Posted:19 January 2018 

Why I love Pellon S50 Sew in!

Yay!!!! I had a chance to finish this little number last night and I’m super happy with how she turned out!!

A couple of firsts for me with this, as mentioned previously I fell in love with the duckbill scissors but I also used Pellon Sew-In S50! I’ve always been an iron on kind of gal, and am deeply in love with woven interfacing, adding 640 fleece if I needed a boost of volume or foam for added depth and structure.

However, I followed Erin’s instructions (also a first!! LOL!), used my beloved DHJ501 on the main fabric and then 2 layers of the Sew-in S50 and well I’m impressed!! I didn’t think it would have the flexibility and hold that it does, however it holds those base pleats in place like a pro and there was no need for fleece or foam! Wow!! That’s about all I can say really, Erin from Dog Under my Desk uses it quite a bit and I can see why, another designer of note that a fan of S50 being our lovely Lisa from Andrie Designs using it on her gorgeous Gather me up clutch.

The Pellon Sew-in S50 is in store and she’s the commercial width version like our Craftfuse 808 which means they are 100cm wide. The S50 is slightly thicker than 808 but it sews very easily and with the help of my new Duckbill’s it trimmed out of the way of the seam allowance like a hot knife to butter.

You’ll also notice that gorgeous custom made swing tag from the awesome Andrie Adornments. It looks so lovely, thank you Lisa!!


The Details:

Fabric:  Cottons from Maaide Designs https://www.maaidesign.com.au/

Pattern: Encore Clutch from Dog Under My Desk – large size created http://www.dogundermydesk.com/store/patterns/

Swing Tag: Custom made from Andrie Adornments https://www.andriedesigns.com/product-category/andrie-adornments/

Hardware:  Betty Box Pleat (20mm chunky D and swivel as I like the chunky D!)


Hardware Kit is also available for the Encore Clutch under Kits by Designer: Dog Under My Desk: Encore Clutch – all the hard work taken care of!

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