#5 Metal Look Zipper - BLACK - 1 metre of tape + 4 Pulls

Zip pulls are NOT PIN LOCK

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Fabulous YKK Zippers sourced direct from YKK Fastening Ltd, these are Genuine YKK zippers with our custom Raindrop pulls.

Create your own double zips, or simply eliminate zipper length wastage with the ability to cut to your length!

Listing is By the Metre and includes:

1 metre of Genuine YKK #5 Zipper tape
4 x matching colour Raindrop Zipper Pulls

Multiple quantities will be uncut eg. 3 quantities will provide you with 3 metres of Zip Tape and 12 pulls.

We've included a tutorial in the picture section to demonstrate how to attach your zip pulls to the zipper tape.

Instructions are:

1. Trim the top edge of the zip tape to a straight edge
2. Pull the teeth open about 5cm/2", enough for you to work with, you can make it large if this is easier for you to manage.
3. Slide one side of your zipper tape into one side of your zip pull.
Stop just where the sides of the pull begin to narrow and the side edges begin.
Don't go all the way to the base of the pull at this time, let the zipper pull do the work for you.
4. Insert the other side of the tape to the exact same point on the zip pull so the top edges of the tape line up.
5. Using your fingers, push on the base of the zip pull whilst moving the tape through the sides.
6. Once the tape has made it evenly to the base of the pull, place the tape and pull onto a flat surface.
Hold the tape down with two fingers and pull the zipper pull onto the tape, completing your zipper!

To make a double zip, repeat these steps on the other end of your tape and meet in the middle.

Trouble shooting:
It's really hard!
The biggest problem is inserting the zipper tape (step 3) too far along the length of the pull when you're first attaching it.
If this happens you'll fight the pull the whole way, best to stop, pull the zip pull off and start again. Trim any uneven edges. You want the tape to just stop just past (1-2mm) where the side edges begin. Let the pull do the work for you, its internal design takes over at this point.

Tapes are uneven
Ensure the tapes are in alignment at step 3 and maintain an even pushing/pulling action in step 5

My fingers can't grasp the tape.
Top tip from John our QLD YKK Rep, instead of cutting the tape straight across, fold the tape in half and starting 2cms down from the end of the tape, cut on a 45 degree angle towards the end of the tape, creating a V shape when unfolded, like the feathers on an end of an arrow, this then provides you with something to grip onto.


Brand Betty Box Pleat

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