23mm Strap Keeper - Silver - pack of 4

Also known as a Strap Bridge

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These are absolutely beautiful and with a full bar washer providing additional support they will stay in place over the long haul.

Sold in a pack of four (4) they team wonderfully with the strap ends also available.

Super easy to install.
1. Lay the bar washer over your chosen strap area and mark the hole placement
2. With a small (2mm) leather hole punch create your screw holes
3. Place the bridge over the screw holes, washer on the back and screw into place (we still always recommend with any screw based item that you pop a little dab of glue on the end of the screw before you insert - over-engineering means happy bag owners)

More about them:
Top Width: 6.5mm
Strapping Width: 23mm
Total Height: 8mm
Maximum Fabric gap: 6mm
(This is the thickest strapping it can work with)

You'll notice they are 2mm thinner than a 1" / 25mm strap this is to slow strap pull and if you're using a loose strap the 25mm strap ends will catch on the slightly smaller bridge and hold everything in place.
(This technique looks awesome however it's best used on small light bags or as a decorative strap technique as it will only tolerate low weights/pressure)


Brand Betty Box Pleat
Shipping Weight 0.0350kg

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